Kidsclub Family Memberships


Simple. Budget Friendly. Da Bomb.


Our NEW Monthly Membership Option is what we’ve been dreaming up for a while based on your feedback! And now they are here! Sign up in January to get on a monthly plan and get an EXTRA $50 off any party or 3 Free Art Classes! Like Whoa!

And if you signed up as a Member in 2018… We have something EXTRA for you: 1st Month Free or 1/2 Price Private Party in 2019!

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1) Is there a Member Joining Fee? Nope! Not with this new plan. :)

2) What if I’m a current Kidsclub Member and just paid for a Membership Joining Fee in 2018, can I get a refund? Shucks, no. BUT we have something extra special for YOU! You get a 1/2 price Kidsclub Private Party when you switch to a monthly model before Jan 31st! Must have purchased a Membership during Jan 2018-Dec 2018.

3) What if my family has more than 1 child 7 and under, will the rate increase? The rate stays the same! No increased fee per siblings. Yay! Our new Membership is per family, not based on number of kids!

4) If I have been paying the Member One Day rate, can I continue paying per visit? Our Members are super important to us! And we are happy to honor the $2 off our One Day Playpass rate until the end of January. However, Starting Feb 1st, we won’t be able to!

5) How does payment work on the monthly model? We send you a recurring invoice connected to your Kidsclub Customer Profile!