Baby + Mommy Pilates

Each class at Share the Love Kidsclub includes PLAY for your kiddos during class! So there truly are no more excuses to get healthy while building community! :) Plus you get one PLAY FREE DAY each month after class!

Say yes to getting healthy! 

We partner with Oh Baby Fitness


It can be a hard and overwhelming to take care of yourself and work out after having a baby, especially because of the massive lack of sleep! RIGHT?! But staying healthy is a MUST to keep you at YOUR BEST!
We believe small steps are better than none to ensure you are taking care of yourself! And doing it alone is no fun! So if you need a community of fellow moms rallied around you during this season to help keep you MOTIVATED, HEALTHY, and SANE, then Baby + Mommy Pilates is  a great start! ☑️

It's more than a great workout. It's #momcommunity so you don't have to do this baby motherhood gig alone!