Top 5 Party Tips for Moms!

Hey friends! 
Birthdays are super special + important to our family of 6. It gives us a pause to value and celebrate each other in the midst of our everyday hustle and bustle! And I love the moments and memories created over birthday shenanigans. 

I know you love cherishing your kiddos and celebrating them as well, so I thought it would be fun to share my Top 5 Birthday Party Tips for Moms because we've gotta stick together on this motherhood gig right?

1) Ask your child what is important to them? Ask yourself what is most important to you? This helps parents + kids get on the same page.  Some kids want to keep their birthday party super simple. And others want all the birthday cheer. Whatever it is, figure it out together. 

2) Know your budget and stick to it. No mom shame allowed, K?  With the pinterest world we live in.... it's hard. Right?! But remember, kids feel celebrated when you let them know they are special and that doesn't require breaking the bank. (all the praise hands) 

3) Keep decor YOUR style.  Whether it's magazine worthy or Marie Kondo simplified, do what keeps your mental health in tact. I'll never forget snapping at my child on their party day.... and realizing " Wow, I really missed the mark." The truth is kids much prefer a sane mama vs a stressed out mama on party day. :) So again, take the pressure off. If decor is your thing, #slay. If it's not, cupcakes and napkins for the #win. 

4) Make a checklist for your party needs. (Aka this will help you stay sane.) Just google or pinterest "party checklist" and print one off, no need to re-invent the wheel! :) 

5) Party Day! Give yourself a party pep talk. 
Tell yourself these things: 

-I am an awesome mama.

 -I am not here to win the FB or Insta world with my party pics.

-I am gonna let joy win. 

-I am gonna cherish these moments with family and friends. 

-I am here to celebrate my child. 

If there is anything I have learned from my four kiddos' birthday parties over the years..... perspective matters! So, cheers to enjoying our babies and pressing into the moments that matter most! 

Much Love-Erin, Kidsclub Owner