How It Started

Erin Conner started Share.the.Love Kidsclub in November 2015 with the support and encouragement of her husband Craig. Her aim was to provide a go-to spot for families to connect  and find respite in the midst of the crazy parenting journey.

After struggling with depression and isolation as a new mom, she wanted to give families a space that was upbeat, positive, clean, and fun, and not solely focused on kids. Because after all, parents are the ones needing the break. :) That's where the adjoining coffee shop, comfy seating, wifi, and staff come in!

Erin's prayer is that community and connection deepen within the walls of the Kidsclub, families spend quality time together, and parents get the much needed break they deserve so they can stay focused on what matters most. And her hope is that we find camaraderie in doing this parenting gig together! 

Why Foster Care?

Erin and Craig adopted a sibling pair in 2016 after fostering them for 2 years. They saw first hand the need for more foster and adoptive families to take the leap of faith and care for children in foster care. Erin remembers getting calls daily asking if they could take more kids and her heart being crushed realizing they couldn't, well at least without her going crazy. :)

Her passion burns to connect Kidsclub customers to the foster and adoptive need in hopes that families would say "Yes" to helping Arkansas foster children. Whether it is through their Kidsclub purchase, donating to the CALL MALL, or becoming a foster or adoptive family, everyone can play a part!

The Share.the.Love mission is to provide a place to play, relax, and give back. And we love watching families do just that!

To provide an interactive
and creative play space
for your child.

To provide an enjoyable
experience for parents and
go-to spot for families.

To make an impact in foster
children's lives by helping them
find loving homes.