Stem camps will develop teamwork and problem solving skills in campers as they work together to complete daily challenges! Campers will participate in partner station activities including KNEX Kreations, LEGO Brick Building, Plato to Playdough, and Marble Run Madness! Every day will also feature a team challenge including the Imagination Block Bridge, the Great Egg Drop Challenge, and the Tower of Power! 

STEM Camp is the perfect opportunity for hands on exploration! Your camper will build their problem solving skills, learn how to work on a team, gain creative confidence, and have fun learning! 


Mr. Conner is the Kidsclub STEM instructor! He and his wife own the Kidsclub, and he is passionate about making learning interactive + fun for your kiddos! He has taught Math for 7 years plus he has his Masters in GT Education. He is excited to explore + create with your kiddos this summer!

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